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            SY/MAX Proxy


The following are applications written for the PMEUCM module by Niobrara engineers. The Application Manuals are available as Adobe Acrobat documents and are included in the self-extracting EXE files along with the applications. To utilize an application, download and open the EXE file, then refer to the Application manual for loading instructions.

The functionality of the Premium TCPOPEN is duplicated in the M580 PLC. Users can send and receive UDP/TCP messages using Structured Text commands in the controller.

Configuration and operation of the PMEUCM is via DTM and Structred Text in Unity.

Check the Release Notes for the latest update information.



PMEUCM_SETUP.EXE should be installed first to ensure QLOAD and the DTM Utility are properly installed.

NOTE: This self-extracting zip includes the PMEUCM files and the manual.

Effective 28 March 2016 - Specifications subject to change without notice.