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Quantum™ Seriplex™ Master



Niobrara's QSPXM is a Seriplex Master designed for the Modicon® TSX Quantum Automation Series PLC. The QSPXM allows the PLC to interact with I/O points and devices via the Seriplex Sensor/Actuator bus.

Seriplex is an efficient, inexpensive, deterministic bus interconnecting up to 510 I/O points or 480 16-bit words using a single four-wire cable. A full Seriplex network of 240 input registers and 240 output registers cannot be supported by the QSPXM due to the PLC's I/O limitation of 32 input registers and 32 output registers.

The QSPXM has a single Seriplex port and is intended to act as a host controller for a Seriplex master/slave I/O network (Mode 2), though it will also support a peer-to-peer (Mode 1) Seriplex network. Seriplex connection to the QSPXM is made through a front­mounted, male 9-pin D-subminiature connector.

Power for the QSPXM is drawn from the Quantum bus, although an external power supply is required to power the Seriplex network. The QSPXM will support either a 12 or 24 volt DC Seriplex network. When the QSPXM serves as the host for the Seriplex network, no clock module is needed; the QSPXM supplies the Seriplex clock and serves as the source of pull-up current to the Seriplex line. All PLC electronics are optically isolated from the Seriplex network. The QSPXM supports Seriplex clock rates of 16, 32, 64, or 100 kHz.

The QSPXM interfaces to the Quantum PLC as an I/O module and is thus permitted to be used in the Local (CPU rack), Remote (RIO), or Distributed (DIO) I/O racks. The QSPXM is Traffic Copped through the Quantum backplane as an analog module with 32 Input registers (3x) and 32 Output registers (4x), or as an I/O module with 512 discrete inputs (1x) and 512 discrete outputs (0x). The first input register is the QSPXM status register; the first output register is the QSPXM configuration register. All other registers are Seriplex I/O. The layout of the I/O registers depends on the configuration register value. The QSPXM supports lengths of the Seriplex bus up to 256 bits in multiples of 16. The QSPXM supports multiplexing of 2, 4, 8, or 16 channels deep by up to 240 bits wide in multiples of 16 bits. Multiplexed words must be positioned on 16-bit boundaries and must occupy the highest numbered bits of the configured Seriplex address space.

Configuration for a QSPXM can be determined online for any Seriplex network using NR&D's QSPXM Configuration Tool

The QSPXM is a certified CAPP product, and is supported by Modsoft®, Concept™, ProWORX™ and Unity Pro™ programming software. The Quantum Seriplex Master is supplied with a user's manual and carries a one year warranty.


Dimensions: Single width Quantum register module. 1.59" wide by 9.84" tall by 4.09" (40 x 250 x 104 mm) deep. Approximately 12 oz. (340 g.) net. All connectors and indicators are front mounted except the Quantum bus card edge connector on the back.

Power Requirements: From Quantum bus - 5 VDC, 100mA; from Seriplex network power supply - 12 VDC, 200mA or 24 VDC, 100mA.

Operating Conditions: 0 to 60 degrees C operating temperature; -40 to 80 degrees C storage. Humidity up to 90% noncondensing. Pressure altitude -200 to +10,000 feet MSL

Seriplex Port 0: 9-pin male D-subminiature connector. Variable frequency (16, 32, 64, 100 Kbaud Seriplex protocol). Supports Mode 1 and Mode 2 and multiplexed analog I/O.

Indicators: LED indicators for Fault, Active, Ready, Run, Voltage OK, and Data Validation . Six total indicators

Faults Detected: Clock shorted low; clock shorted high; data shorted low; data shorted high; external clock active; mode 1 device w/mode 2 host.

PLC Addressing: Up to 32 words in, 32 words out when used in local or remote I/O racks; up to 30 words in, 32 words out when used in distributed I/O racks.


The QSPXM is available as:

QSPXM with one Seriplex port.

Effective 10 October 2008 - Specifications subject to change without notice.