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  Square D SY/MAX Products

  • SY/MAX PLC - PLC Modules, Racks, and Accessories
    • AIM4 - ASCII Module
    • CAM500 - High Speed Memory
    • CAT2 - RNIM to Modbus RTU Protocol Converter
    • EPE6 - Ethernet Module for Modbus and Square D Protocols with 4 Serial Ports
    • IBSM - Interbus-S Master
    • IBSS - Interbus-S Slave
    • MEB - Modbus Plus Ethernet Bridge with 2 Serial Ports
    • NRK2 - Single Slot Rack with Power Supply
    • RM14K - Rack Mount Modem
    • SERI - SY/MAX Ethernet Remote Interface
    • SPE4 - Serial Port Expander for Modbus and Square D Protocols with 5 Serial Ports
    • SPXM - Seriplex I/O Master
    • UCM4 - Universal Communications Module with 4 Serial Ports
    • FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions about SY/MAX Modules