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Single Slot Rack

The NRK2 is a single slot rack and power supply for SY/MAX® register rack compatible modules. It is intended to be used with modules that can operate "stand alone" without a PLC. The NRK2, rated at 2.5 amps, is capable of powering the EPE6 Ethernet NIM, SPE4 port expander, MEB Modbus Plus to Ethernet Bridge, UCM programmable module, or any NR&D SY/MAX module. This product is not intended to power a PLC; check the current requirements in the operating manual of your device before connecting it to the NRK2.

Since the NRK2 is a single slot rack, it provides power to the mounted module, but it cannot be rack addressed. The NRK2 is similar to the non-addressable slots of the RRK300.

The NRK2 is supplied with its own direct plug-in AC transformer. This transformer fits a standard 120V AC outlet and provides 12V AC to the power supply section of the NRK2 through the power supply jack located on the side of the case. The transformer cable is six feet long. Other power sources can be used; from 10 to 24 volts of either AC or DC power.

NRK2 Mounting Instructions

The NRK2 is designed for panel surface mounting with the module either perpendicular or parallel to the mounting surface. Determine where the NRK2 is to be mounted. A 120VAC outlet needs to be less than six feet from the module.

Orient the NRK2 on the panel with the module connector either facing front or on its side. It is not recommended that the modules be used lying down since they are designed to be cooled by air flowing through from bottom to top. The NRK2 should never be mounted upside down. The edge connector and the power connector are both near the bottom of the module (See Figure 1).

Module Orientation
Figure 1

Use the NRK2 as a template to mark the location of the mounting holes. Drill the holes for 10-24 or 10-32 UCN mounting screws and then mount the unit to the panel. As an aid, you can use the mounting footprint drawing provided in Adobe Acrobat format.

Module Installation

Power should be removed from the NRK2 before installing or removing modules.

Insert the module into the NRK2. Be sure the edge connector lines up with the card-edge of the module. Snap the module firmly into place. Tighten the fastening bolt at the bottom of the module.

Plug the transformer's orange connector into the orange power connector of the NRK2 and the plug the transformer into the 120V outlet. The module is now ready to use.


Dimensions: 13.6" tall x 1.75" wide x 2.1" deep. Rugged steel construction. Allow 1" clearance on the 1.75" dimension for power connection. Allow sufficient clearance on the 2.1" dimension to connect and remove the module.

Power Requirements: 10-24 volts AC or DC, 20 watts

Output: Supplies 5V DC to module at up to 2.5 amps. Supplies battery good signal when power is applied to the NRK2. Supplies battery voltage when power is applied to the NRK2.

The NRK2 does not contain a battery but provides battery signals, while powered, to allow modules to charge their own internal batteries. When there is no power supplied to the NRK2 there is no battery voltage or battery good signal for the module.

AC Transformer: Input: 120V AC 60Hz; 40 watts. Output: 12V AC, 2A


The NRK2 is available as:

NRK2 single slot rack/power supply with 120vAC transformer

NRK2-NT single slot rack/power supply - no transformer

Effective 29 November 2000 - Specifications subject to change without notice.