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  Frequently Asked Momentum PLC Questions

  • What are the differences between the MUCM models?
    • The MUCM-001 was the first MUCM manufactured by Niobrara. This unit did not support many of the Modicon Communication Adaptors and was recommended for use only with the Ethernet Adaptor, M1 PLC, or as a stand-alone. These units use the MUCM1.FWL or MUCM1.QCC firmware. These units are no longer produced.
    • The MUCM-002 replaced the -001 and provides support for all Momentum communciation adaptors and processors. These units use MUCM.FWL or MUCM.QCC firmware.
    • The MUCM+102 replaced the -002 and adds electrical isolation to the two serial ports.
    • The MUCM+103 is a new model with electrical isolation and selectable RS-232 or RS-485 modes for both serial ports.

  • How much data may be shared between a PLC and the MUCM?
    • The connection between the MUCM and a PLC or Communication Adaptor is limited to a shift registers of 32 words IN and 32 words OUT. No other messaging is allowed through the connection.

  • What if a PLC or Communication Adaptor is not needed with an MUCM?
    • Many MUCM applications do not require a tophat so the Niobrara METH-001 is recommended to cover the interface.

  • What serial cables are requred for the MUCM?
    • The serial ports on the MUCM use a standard 5 position removable screw terminal connector. Port 1 is RS-232 and Port 2 is RS-485. MUCM cables provide a list of common cables. The MU1 is the standard RS-232 cable to connect a PC comm port to a MUCM port 1.

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