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  Frequently Asked Altivar Drive Questions

  • Why does my drive immediately display "Communications Timeout"?
    • In the Communications Setup (menu 11) is a setting called "Timeout", which may be set between 1 and 60. A Communications Timout is asserted if this amount of time passes with no communication from the network master. Typically, if this is set to less than 20 seconds, the drive will get frequent Communications timeouts. Unless there is a safety reason to do otherwise, this may be set to its maximum value (60 seconds).

  • When I power up my drive with the A66xx card installed, the drive settings change.
    • The only drive settings changed by the card itself are those that put the drive into SLC mode; any other settings changed are done so by the network master. Check the "Initial Values" programmed into the network master for the drive in question.

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